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Chinese and Indian sages have practised the harmonisation of Chakras (energy centres) for generations . Composed of 7 stones especially chosen to emit energy vibrations of different frequencies, the famous Slimdoo® Chakras pendant is of great use to people in search of an anti-stress, slimming and relaxation aid. Treat yourself to a Slimdoo® Chakras pendant now to rebalance your internal vibrations and achieve your well-being goals.***

Slim downMake progress

The colours of the stones used in the Slimdoo® Chakras pieces have a surprising regulating effect on the person who wears it. There's no magic solution when it comes to weight loss, but this can provide very interesting boost when you decide to start a slimming programme. It can also harmonise your energy centres and act as a great way to reduce stress, gain confidence and improve morale! Are you ready for relaxation and a good night's sleep?***

RelaxGain strength

This exceptional and easy-to-use energy pendant comes with a 50 cm stainless steel chain, a 5 cm extension, an extra black 48 cm collar necklace and a keyring in zamac. Multiple uses! This unisex pendant is a superb piece of jewellery. Once you put it on, you won't want to take it off! Order now and it'll be delivered to your home in a stunning gift pouch in no time! A great gift for your loved ones... or simply treat yourself! ***

Desired effects of the vibrational stones:

Relax, sleep better

Free yourself of stress

Eat better

Slim down and tone up

Regenerate your inner energy

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